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Making it matter.

What do you notice when you start to put action into something you really want?

It may be that you want a new car and so you visit car dealerships. Perhaps you’d like some jewellery so you start looking online or visit a Tiffany or Pandora store or make some hints…

What happens when you find what you are looking for?

When you buy that car or piece of fabulous jewellery, it feels good; it feels great. You feel happy as chemicals called endorphins release; they make you feel good. This feeling may well last a few days, weeks or months.

However, how long does the happiness from buying a material item last at a deeper level. If the item I connected to a major event, it could last a long time. Generally, as humans though, we adapt to the once new item in our life so that it is no longer as exciting or happiness-inducing as when bought or immediately after.

This is not to say that you should not purchase the necessary or nice things but this is an opportunity think deeper.

Purchasing “experiences” that will create meaningful, heartfelt memories for you will lead to more sustained happiness. The London School of Economics reported that happiness is not only dependent on pleasure but also on the inner purpose for us.

Understanding your inner self and building on experiences rather than things will lead to greater pleasure - evidence also reports that the mind recalls the experiential memories and feelings attached more than purchase memories.

At this time of year, a lot of money is spent on things to make ourselves and those dear to us happy. That’s great. Add to that a mindful day out, an adventure experience, a commitment to 2 meals a month with a dear friend, walking with reindeer, taking a retreat and so on - just close your eyes and visualise one of these now; feel the emotions as you immerse yourself into the experience, noticing what is around, who you are with, the sounds, any smells (engage all your senses). Allow yourself to imagine.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas.

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