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Working with a Coach and Mentor

 Mentor Coaching. Coaching. Excelling.


My coaching journey began some years ago and attaining my ACC and then PCC credential were significant milestones for me, as they are for you.

As a trained and certified ICF mentor coach I offer group and 1:1 mentoring for coaches seeking excellence with evidence based mentoring. This can be towards your credentialing, renewing a credential or as a matter of course to sharpen your skills as a coach. I recommend mentor coaching at least 3 times per year.

10 hours of mentor coaching as part of your ICF credential renewal is equivalent to 10 CCEUs.

Coaches and aspiring coaches who I have mentored have shared their feedback with me including:

"This has been really useful to get your feedback; absolutely brilliant."

"I was not expecting to get so many insights in just one hour."

"You noticed strengths in my coaching I was not aware and that's given my confidence a boost."

You can find the ICF competencies here:

The Gold Standard in Coaching | ICF - Core Competencies (

My role as your mentor: 

As your mentor I am dedicated to serve you to sharpen your skills as a coach. As a coach and mentor of various diversity strands myself, I am your cheerleader whatever your background and wherever you are in the world. I have coached and mentored clients from the UK, USA, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia.


You can expect:

  • observation of your recording prior to coach mentoring (1:1)

  • in-session, joint listening to the recording, to discuss strengths, stretches and tips live (1:1)


       Contact me today to get your free guide to

        effective recordings for ICF credentials.

  • in session facilitation and feedback to live coaching (group)

  • recognition of strengths against ICF markers

  • support with feedback to stretch you as coach

  • tips to improve all markers including the coach's mindset, presence, powerful questioning and evoking awareness

  • ongoing support 


Coaches need coaches as, along with mentor coaching, we collectively progress the profession. 

My role as your coach:

As your coach, you can expect the highest level of service and confidentiality to serve you in unearthing any blocks or strengths to move you into your goals. 


Fees for 1:1 mentor coaching or coaching are presently £150 for up to 110 minutes - this includes  60 minute 1:1 session and review of a recording by me in advance. Seasonally, I pay provide offers that reduces the cost to you. Group sessions are charged at a fixed rate for 3 -10 sessions. I recommend 3 coach mentoring sessions per year and the required number for renewal of your credential.

Contact me to day to get started on sharpening your coaching competencies.

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