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Anita Gohil-Thorp

Welcome to the Executive Career and Peak Performance Coaching section, where I deliver an integrative approach to lawyers (I am a former lawyer myself), business owners and professionals to achieve unparalleled success at work and in life. I offer bespoke and transformational coaching tailored to your unique aspirations.

I bring the latest resources and insights to each client interaction, guaranteeing accessible workable strategies and tips. I craft bespoke tools and methodologies to amplify your growth journey and maximise your potential.


Special Interest Project: I am currently looking to work with five professional females seeking career or leadership progression, building success through greater confidence and an impactful voice. Contact me today.

My role as your coach: 

As your coach, you can expect dedicated attention to your goals and aspirations in an impartial and confidential setting.

You can expect:

  • 100 % unbiassed attention to your hopes and goals

  • non-judgmental support through challenges and stressors

  • non-directive support to reach your goals

  • unravelling fresh perspectives

  • evoking transformational new awareness 

  • working together to craft the plan you need

  • ongoing support and motivation to stretch you outside your comfort zones ans celebrate your successes

  • actionable milestones to support personal growth,  professional development and/or meaningful change

Anita Gohil-Thorp
Anita Gohil-Thorp

Coaching investment: 

PRIMETM Package 
TM 5 five-step framework

60 minutes per session

Text support, homework, bespoke tools and wellbeing

Duration: maximum 7 months

Sessions: 12 

Investment: £1699 (equivalent £141 per session)

MindThriveTM Package

MindThriveTTM  mindfulness & positive intelligence coaching

55 minutes per session

Text support, mindfulness based homework

Duration: maximum 3 months

Sessions: 6

Investment: £899 (equivalent £149 per session)

Individual Sessions

£150 per session

50 minutes per session

Duration: maximum 2 months

Sessions: minimum of three

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