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How to Find the Super Hero In You Part 2

Recently, I wrote about Peter Parker and Spiderman. Like us, Peter is human. Unlike us, he is also a superhero.

We may not be movie star super heroes but we are more than what we do day to day, getting on with daily life. Often without being consciously aware of it, we cruise through the routines or chaos of most days; we think we are alive, alert and actively contributing.

The problem I notice is that there is more under the surface that we have somehow left behind; there is more to us that is in a bit of a sleep state.

There is greater conscious awareness possible around this daily living and, when embraced, this allows you to live more fully. We can look to ancient wisdom to understand this deeply or we can look towards our lives as they currently are. If we want to change now, today and tomorrow, to be the best version of ourselves and be fulfilled, it starts here.

When was the last time you spent one peaceful hour in reflection for yourself?

What if your unique super power was to have the self-awareness that raised your compassion, understanding, grounding, vision, skills and so on leading you to be more successful, happy, fulfilled, well at a highly conscious level? What if your behaviour and feelings positively transformed with this awareness and you were able to therefore not only impact your life but that of others? This is power. And you control it.

Raising awareness around who you truly are offers immense insights that then permit you to make more informed choices. It enables you to live with higher consciousness, something that in turn can make each day (whatever happens), meaningful and memorable. It may also lead to greater understanding of your own potential and, it is my belief that we all have unexplored potential that we are missing out on. It’s time to unleash that potential.

I believe that we are all heroes. We have infinite potential yet have not necessarily learnt how to tap into it or expose it for our benefit. Culturally or socially, we may have been given verbal or nonverbal signs that have led to us holding ourselves back. People in our lives, without meaning to, perhaps behaved in ways that led us, ourselves, to not even realise what potential there is within us. Or perhaps we know it is there yet are uncertain of how to best utilise it.

Someone with potential is defined as a person “having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future”

A person with potential could be described as having “latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness”.

I invite you to take a moment to read those definitions and reflect on them.

May I now ask you to consider a time when

1) you observed something and developed, learnt or grew from it


2) your qualities or abilities led to usefulness or success in something.

Reflect on what this is bringing up for you.

Regarding 1), at school, my form tutor expressed that I had the capacity to become a lawyer. To him, I showed the capacity to develop into something. And that’s what I did. He observed, expressed it and I grew from his observation - I am a lawyer!

And as for number 2) I developed my latent qualities to re-train as a coach and trainer that has led to success and usefulness not only in my own life, work and relationships but in others’ lives too.

Typically, people do not reflect on their qualities. Yet, when the awareness of such qualities rises, an expression of delight spreads across their faces. People change. I notice a change in posture, in tone, that smile slowly building across the face, an expression of wonder and sometimes surprise.

I also notice that many people are humble and reflecting on qualities is not the norm. Yet, as we work towards understanding what our potential is, and how it can be ever evolving, there is an opportunity for us to be kinder to ourselves and also proud of ourselves.

Would you agree that a healthy young baby has potential? From crawling to walking – the child gets up, mimics those walking around him and falls down. The child gets up again and again until he has mastered what we, as adults, take for granted. The child had, and has potential. Not giving up, the child is such a hero!

How we think about potential affects how we think of ourselves. We may limit ourselves if we do not embrace all that is within us. In considering your achievements, how do you now consider what your potential was (in hindsight) and what more you have?

I never imagined as a young person I would run my own business yet here I am. I persevered and continue to work towards my fullest potential each day, in each of my roles as a coach, business owner, colleague, wife, mum, friend, sister, daughter and so forth.

We are all worthy of superhero status if we want to call it that. That said, we all have this infinite potential to tap into and, for that, we do not need a mask. We should carry our potential with pride.

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