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Is covid-19 impacting your thoughts around your career?

The covid-19 pandemic is still here. I am reading of fatalities in their thousands across the globe. It's upsetting and there is still uncertainty about what the aftermath of the pandemic may look like. Many people during times of change or uncertainty - or crisis - reflect on various things: family, friends, a new bucket list and how they will "be" different in the future are just some examples. Well-being is higher on the agenda for some. And then there are our careers.

With many firms furloughing staff and news of redundancies, conversations about shorter weeks or reduced pay, you can't help but think about your career. Even business owners, in my experience, are wondering if they should now be applying for a job. Those who had secured a new job are curious, and worried, about whether they have a job to go to. Those in what's been a secure job are anxious about whether they will be stuck or still experience career progression. Other employees, in stressful roles, seem to see little way out of the stressful job.

This is an unusual time. It's helpful to focus on what you can control.

Read more here - my article published on the Life Coach Directory.

These times are not easy for anyone. Change means you need to change or evolve with the enforced changes. Some change is easier than others but, an open mind-set and flexibility coupled with grace (and exercise!) will help you to get through more smoothly.

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