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Goal Setting 10+ Key Steps – Get Creating Your Best Year Yet

If you are like most adults, you will have sets targets, objectives or goals in one or more areas of life in your lifetime. Lots of us set a mental intention to do more for our business, career or personal life any why not? (especially as 2019 is around the corner).

Of those that set goals however, did you know that only 8% of adults actually stick to them?

Several factors may come into play here as you can see below. If you’re more interesting in how to stick to goals, skip this bit but, if it might help you, here are a few reasons why you may not have mastered reaching your goals in one or more areas:

· boredom/procrastination/ FOMO (fear of missing out – on something better)

· confusion

· easily distracted

· poor decision making

· stress (perceived or real)

· family commitments

· lack of structure or routine

· poor time management

· self-judgement or fear of failure

· lack of confidence/self-doubt

· poor resources

· loss of focus

· worry or guilt

· uncertainty or distrust in oneself or others

· reliance on others

· impatience

· ill health.

Let’s be honest. We are human and things do crop up or creep in that may mean we take our eye off the ball.

What we have to consider is whether we are allowing these in willingly – whether we distract purposely or whether they are genuine issues to take us away from our goals. If they are genuine reasons, allow yourself to re-focus. Flexibility is acceptable but stay true to yourself.

I would add that you must be mindful of your own values and priorities because what you want is not what another wants. Your own values will play a part in determining, for example, your timeframe for achieving major goals. Someone may wish to lose 10 kg within 6 months and another is happy to do it over 2 years because that is realistic for her. A lawyer who wishes to gain 5 new clients in 6 months is different to the executive seeking one major win. We are all different.

As I mentioned, when we set any goal, we have the best of intention in that moment. Trouble may kick in however when we forget the intention. It seems to just slips away – just think of the thousands who have new gym membership in January….

How To Stick To Goals – Your First 10 Simple Steps (plus more)

Every week I’m asked to help people towards goals. Here’s what you can ask yourselves –

If I stick to my goals, what else will it lead to in relation to the life or work I desire?

If the stats are correct, it suggests stickability is hard but rather than focus on that, re-focus on what you can do – you have to start thinking “I can achieve my goals” – that has to become the mantra. In time, it’ll be second nature.

So, here are 10 steps to get you going. When you first do this on your own, in order to get the most from it, I suggest you clear your mind and take an initial hour at least (to be very thorough, 30 minutes on each area of your life).

1. Set your goals in your mind for every area of your life including taking time to review on goals (could use a wheel of life or work or just a list to initiate this)

2. Write the goals out in as much detail as you can muster.

3. Pause. Where is your mind-set at in relation to each area? Honestly.

4. Consider: How important is each to you (why does it matter)? Honestly. /10

5. Consider: How committed are you to each area? Honestly. /10

6. Consider: What’s the reality, here and now, around you wanting to achieve the goal(s)?

7. Promise yourself to stop thinking about what hasn’t or what won’t work (catch the negativity) and to transition to acceptance and forward action nevertheless.

8. Consider: What will each goal achieve for you/what’s the benefit)?

9. Consider: How will you feel when you have achieved it? Pause.

10. Consider: What’s your next action in relation to the goal(s) and put a structure around it (ie, how will I make this happen, eg, a phone call, a visit, a podcast etc)?

Initially this may seem like more work – but it’s like a goal itself and, with practice, it will become second nature so you don’t necessarily have to take so long in each goal. Why not make goal review a monthly goal?

I also recommend that you

11. aim to align your daily and weekly small actions to the bigger goals – understand mindfully the importance of the small steps in the bigger game of life.

And, in order to help you to sustain your action

12. you could try

a) a supportive group of people – family, friends, this group, other experienced professional groups, a mentor or a coach, a personal trainer, etc.

b) writing in a journal for self-accountability and gratitude or a TO DO list for the month on a wall chart that you can cross things off.

c) ensuring there is balance – don’t overdo it. Balance gives you perspective to make better decisions. Give yourself a reward.

Remember, things will creep in to take you away from your desired outcomes; allow yourself to accept this but with the knowledge that you can then move on from that to re-focus on what you want.

I hope you enjoyed this article on goals. Do leave your comments.The steps are all designed by me based on my work and my own experiences. If you would like to know more, and take this to a higher level, contact me today.

Set Your Intention Now For 2019!

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