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What does Anita do Part 1?

Many people ask me what it is I do.

The answer might be slightly different depending on who I’m talking to but what I do is connected by a passion to promote wellbeing through a healthy mindset and relationship with yourself. If you’re not familiar with this type of language it may seem a bit airy fairy. But it’s not!

Who you are or appear to be impacts life, career, business growth, relationships - everything. Yet people just like you have more to discover about their strengths and the sussessful lives they can build.

🧠 Over the past thirty years there’s been much more research into #mindset and the brain - about how thoughts and #emotions are connected and how they are both connected to how we behave. And how we feel about ourselves.

🚦Stop and think about it. When you felt angry, how did you react? When you felt happy, what were your thoughts?

I left my legal career due to stress actually caused, as I now know, by a strong lack of inclusion and confidence shattered by how I reacted to other people’s lack of awareness and judgment. I know now that I could also have done with greater awareness of how I was getting in my own way. It’s a tough admission to make. I know more now than I did then. My thoughts were unhelpful and I probably self-sabotaged.

😀 Luckily I went on to brighter things and retrained, after a decade in legal recruitment, as a coach.

Many know me as an executive and legal career development coach and coach for early business owners. Did you know that clients come for one reason and get so comfortable that they talk about wider life matters too? Stress, doubts, fears and anxieties? Their loss of self?

I never thought of myself until recently as a life coach as well - I hated the term because everyone jokes about life coaching. But it’s serious stuff. My clients will tell you.

The sort of clients who tell me they love me or wish they’d met me years ago; who at the end of a session are thanking me for the progress and goals reached. Because we work TOGETHER to move out of the negative cycle and into positive action and a happy life.

So I am also a life coach, one who is bringing awareness of wellbeing and mindset into everyone’s life because this is what really matters if you want to have motivation and success.

🎢 Life is like a roller coaster. It doesn’t matter if you are a rich celebrity, a partner, a CEO or a Joe Bloggs. Even celebrities and leaders have a human side to them that, whilst outwardly maybe hiding it, experiences stress, relationship problems, ill health or financial worries.

What you CAN do is reflect on what’s working for you and what’s not. And that might mean being really honest with yourself. That means it might upset you to think all is not ok. BUT, things can get better. I can’t grow more money but I can help you develop your healthiest mindset and create the life you want. That’s why you needed to read this.

Think about Michael J Fox, star of the Back To The Future movies. I admire him so much. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s from his late twenties. Rather than let this define him, he has used his mindset to ensure his thoughts and behaviours serve him to be as well and active as is possible BUT he’s also helped raise millions of dollars to support research. He has a healthy mindset.

So let’s get a life! A life you really love!

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