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Goal setting - and sticking to it

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Goal setting is often on people’s minds at this time of year. What you may not know is that only 8% of adults stick to their new year goals and so I’ve shared some tips below.

Oftentimes, we perceive that something is more important or the goal was wrong. We might get busy with work or a challenge arises and we are preoccupied with that. When we get off track, it can seem hard to get back on. Inner voices step in and they’re not always helpful.

Coaching helps to stick to goals but there are some things you can do that I want to share here as we come to the start of a new year.

1) be realistic about what you want and what is achievable

2) write the goals down very clearly - be as specific as you can

3) understand why the goal is important to you - write this too

4) be open to what support you may need to help stick to your goals - how will you get this?

5) if looking at your list of goals is overwhelming rather than exciting and stretching, ask yourself why and work on crafting goals in a way that are realistic (back to point 1))

Ps/this task may take you half a day if you want to get really clear. Coaches can help you get there quicker whether you are a coach seeking business growth or someone who wants to craft their best year yet. It starts with you though.

Get in touch if you want to springboard into manageable goals - consistently. We can work on a one off basis 90minutes Goals and Beyond or, most popular, over a six month programme.

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