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Future Thriving: Centre Yourself

You have probably heard about well-being and how important it is to keep your own well-being in check. What is clear from numerous conversations I have, as well studies from around the world, is that there is no one form of wellness activity that suits all. We are all different and align with different things. I do ask though that you keep an open mind.

The one form of wellness activity that most people understand is exercise but even that has so many variations – pick what is right for you. Play around a little. Allow yourself the freedom to try different things until one or two activities resonate with you. You can include brisk walking as activity, and you are probably doing this anyway. Perhaps now walk more consciously, with attention – mindfully allowing yourself to fully walk, not be consumed by the monkey mind.

What about centring? By centring yourself, consciously and consistently, you can allow yourself to:

- stay, or regain, focus

- calm down, feel less tension and manage difficult emotions

- become more consciously aware of yourself and others

- be responsive rather than reactive or driven by impulse unhelpfully

- tune into your mind and body more fully, “listening” to what may be going on for you more clearly

- feel better, reduce anxiety, feel more energised

- relax more readily

- pay attention to your needs

- remove unhelpful or bad habits

Centring yourself will not be a quick fix but, with regular attention to it, you can open up to a more balanced and happier space. With the pressures of current life and work, especially during this pandemic, it is true that most of us are out of centre with ourselves.

I’d like to say that that is ok – but let’s all work on it collectively. If everyone works on their well-being, perhaps with a centring technique as one part of your wellbeing tool-kit, we can create a more balanced family, society or workplace.

How to centre yourself.

There are several different ways to centre yourself. Here I set out the steps to a simple centring exercise that you can repeat daily and takes very little time. Key to feeling its impact in consistency. Contact me your free printable 4 week log template to record your experience and observations as you formulate this into a new habit.

1. Stand tall with feet, hip width apart, grounded to the earth. Settle into this stance and relax your shoulders. You may relax your jaw. Notice this sensation, if any at all.

2. Place a hand gently on your abdomen. Take 5 deep, slow breaths – breathe in for 3 counts and out for 5 (if possible). Breathe in through the nose and breathe out through the nose or mouth as is comfortable for you.

3. Notice, as you breathe, the abdomen rising and falling. As your abdomen rises, notice your fingers spreading out.

4. Continue for up to 1 minute, breathing in and out, feet grounded, focusing the mind on your centre, the abdomen.

Advanced Practice 1:

In time, or if you are experienced, you can do this without your hand on the abdomen, with both arms loosely by your side for even greater relaxation.

Advanced Practice 2:

Increase the time you spend on this exercise to 2 minutes and notice any sensations.

Advanced Practice 3:

Notice the pause in between the breaths. They are there, daily, going unnoticed.

Alternative Options:

If you are unable to stand, or find it uncomfortable, try this exercise

i) Lying down on the floor on a mat, or on your bed (but do not fall asleep)

ii) Sitting on a tall backed chair from which your feet can comfortably reach the ground; if not, have a book or block beneath the feet.

When will you give centring a go?

To learn about how coaching can help you perform at your best, with increased happiness and wellbeing, contact me for a free introductory call today at

Disclaimer: The article, nor the author, represents medical expert guidance and the information provided is solely for information purposes. It does not equate to medical, psychological or other advice but is the view of the author based on research, application and experience only.

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