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Building a Positive Mindset

You got this. This has been a challenging 12-14 months without a doubt due to covid-19 and the knock on effect of it. It means that the entire globe, for once, can really appreciate that most of us have this experience, in this lifetime, in common.

Stress however has been rife. April 2021 is Stress Awareness Month and it is a chance to pause and reflect on where you have been overwhelmed, more irritable than usual, angry and stressed, anxious or depressed. If you are typically "strong" and "positive", it would not surprise anyone if more recently, other unhelpful emotions or behaviours have kicked in.

Stress has a huge impact on the mind and body as well as on how we show up (our behaviour, our communication) and how we feel. It is useful to try to understand what small steps we can take to minimise stress such that we maintain a clearer, healthier mindset that supports good decision making and choices.

No one said life or work or relationships (or home schooling, or staying in the same 4 walls) was easy but, having overcome immense challenges myself, I know there are ways to continue to thrive mentally; there are ways to minimise stress and therefore regulate how we show up.

Here are 10 of my tips for supporting you towards a positive mindset.

  1. Take regular breaks (away from your phone!) even if it feels counter-intuitive

  2. Take action: talk to a trusted peer or group or a qualified coach

  3. Know what you can control and where you want to go

  4. Check what you are focusing on, have clear goals (need help with this? Contact me at

  5. Invest in resources - courses, books, videos ("invest" does not have to mean invest money; invest time)

  6. Exercise regularly and drink/eat healthily

  7. Set/establish/reinforce a pleasant sleep routine

  8. Keep communicating to loved ones

  9. Growth Mindset: see challenges as opportunities

  10. Techniques: mindfulness, visualisation, self compassion (watch out for my webinars)

Why not connect with me and see how I have, through nearly 2000 hours of coaching, helped people to be their best selves in work, in life. You can contact me now at I'd love to work with you help you to see how you, too, can quickly embed new, powerful habits to sustain motivation and happiness.

Disclaimer: The article, nor the author, represents medical expert guidance and the information provided is solely for information purposes. It does not equate to medical, psychological, or other advice but is the view of the author based on research, application and experience only.

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