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The world's biggest assets are people - you. And, if you are a business leader or owner, or a senior HR professional, you know your diverse people are your biggest assets with infinite potential. Optimal performance coupled with maximum fulfilment is possible and, by finding and sustaining motivation or direction towards clear goals, you and your teams can be more effective, more energised and more successful.

A fulfilling career is inextricably linked with mindset and wellbeing. Through a series of tools and techniques, everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Work, or stress from work or the outside world, do not define people; understanding the role of the brain and its impact on outward behaviours and emotions raises the possibility for even greater action and results. Transformative coaching and mindset insights enable the world's greatest assets to excel at work and in life.

The Potential

If you, or your team, feel motivated and energised, greater performance is inwardly and outwardly experienced. Workplace and personal relationships also benefit. Coaching is an enabler with active support to get the most out of your career and life; it is a catalyst for change that enables you to overcome blocks, find meaningful direction or move towards important goals that perhaps you have not been able to focus on. 

For life and work to be harmonious, resilience and motivation that enable each day to be effective and meaningful are essential. This is where coaching helps - coaching activates an inner ability to thrive. Coaching creates a remarkable depth of awareness that promotes excellence in all areas of work that can also be reflected in wider life.

Using powerful tools and coaching techniques, including the (AGT) PRIME ™ methodology, clients are transforming their personal and professional lives , thriving and reaching their goals quickly, leaving more time for what really matters to them. 

Through coaching that focuses on your needs, we can build the success, resilience, career or life that you seek. Remember - life and work are inter-connected and resilience and focus in one will hugely benefit the other.

Bespoke Coaching 1:1 and Corporate

Bespoke coaching, with accountability, is about effective and powerful, long-lasting change and suits those who are committed to explore how to become the most effective, resilient, successful or happy that they can. It suits those who want more from life and work and who desire sustainable change; it suits those who are prepared and ready to commit to the opportunities ahead.

For organisations, coaching helps to build stronger, effective leaders and teams by raising individual and team awareness with strategies to optimise inclusion, confidence and results. Coaching is offered on a 1:1 basis or to facilitate team alignment and organisational growth.

Your Coach

Anita Gohil-Thorp

Executive Performance,  Wellbeing and Resilience Coach


Verified member of the Life Coach Directory

Member of the International Coach Federation

ICF Mentor Coach

Founder: Elevate Coaches Circle

Founder: Synergy Women in Business


Imposter Syndrome

Diversity and Belonging

Strategic Career Development

Executive Careers

Action Planning and Goals

Positive Mindset Management 

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Tools


Procrastination v. Action

Communication & Influence

Conflict Management

 Self-Sabotage to Success

Returning to Work

Stress Management

Exceptional Leadership

Optimising Performance 

Time Management

Wellness for Success



These are just a few ways we can start to make a difference in your life.

Career Performance Coaching

Co-create your goals, overcome the obstacles and fulfil your purpose and fullest potential.

Resilience &


Supercharge your life, learn to thrive and rediscover your passion, purpose and more


Coaching and Training

For Lawyers, Leaders and Employees: coaching, group coaching, wellbeing training, 



"Coaching helped me achieve my goals... I got offered three jobs after successful interviews. I really did benefit from the training I did with Anita and I would recommend her without hesitation"


"Anita is an extremely effective and masterful coach. Her ability to listen, reflect, and challenge your thinking helped me finally see opportunities I had hidden from myself." 


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