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Working With Me - Your Coach

... accomplish exactly what you want!

Who is Anita Gohil-Thorp?

  • Creator of (AGT) PRIME coaching methodology and MIndThrive approach

  • Qualified Lawyer with global law firm 

  • Credentialed ICF Coach (ACC and PCC)

  • ICF Certified Mentor to Coaches

  • Certified CoachTrainer

  • World Business Executive Coach Summit Training and Particpant

  • Andrew Neitlich's Coach Master Toolkit Training for Executive Coaches

  • Yale Science of Well-being

  • Mental Health First Aider

  • Board level experience

  • 15 years+ 1:1 career development experience including drafting CVs and Business Plans, interview, presentation, business plan and strategic career management coaching

  • 15 years + strategic talent acquisition

  • Creator of the Elevate Coaches Circle

  • Creator of the Synergy Business Network 

  • Certified in Mindfulness Courses

  • Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness Course Designer and Provider

  • Workshop Design and Delivery

  • Invited blog, podcast, interview guest

  • Ongoing professional development and learning including ICF CPD, NLP, CBT, #SuperGenius, positive psychology, mindfulness

As humans, we have a personality that is reflected by our emotions, thoughts and behaviours. This is true whether you are a trainee lawyer, partner, business leader, parent - it is true for all of us across generations and diversities. Your inner state will impact your outer being. Managing both effectively enables you to sustain motivation, achieve your ambitions and goals productively while avoiding conflict, stress, fear or burnout. 

Coaching is a catalyst that enables you to progress quickly with clarity.

You may have a burning issue or goal, an ambition, a desire to develop your talents to the next level or to  stop the bad habits that you know are holding you back. Perhaps you feel burnout, or colleagues are not cooperating, or is it that heightened worries that are not serving you well? Whatever has left you searching for more, the time for action is now. I will help you to implement new ideas, thoughts and actions from our very first meeting. 



If you are interested in who your Coach is, read on.

I’m Anita, an ex-lawyer, ex-talent acquisition consultant and refugee from the corporate world. In 2007, I had a traumatic experience that  threatened my life and left me having to regain stamina, physical strength and resilience over the course of about 4 years. I had also experienced lack of cooperation and high stress in my corporate career but, even more stressful was a lung cancer scare in 2015. The mental and emotional drain was like nothing I had experienced before. But, and here is the key thing, I was already building my toolbox of material and techniques that would see me through to come out even stronger. Resilience was a part of me and has continued to grow ever since. I now coach 5.5 days a week. 

I have been there - where you are. Wanting more, wanting a change.

Wanting to be in control of where I am headed. Confident. Focused. Strong. Resilient. Motivated. Happy. Integrity and trust are important to me and I believe they are to you too. All coaching sessions are confidential.

I'm technically a trainer and a coach (ICF accredited which means I have studied rigorously and undertaken ongoing assessments and supervision; it also means I follow high standards of professional conduct and ethics) - what I actually do is to empower you to develop your inner potential to gain clarity, withstand obstacles, unearth the very best of yourself and achieve your goals. I am blessed that those who work with me recommend others and even have their own "top up" sessions. 

You can explore if working with me is your next step with a complimentary consultation - I look forward to it. Why not give me a call now? Or contact me using the link below.

Do you sense this could be for someone you know? Or of benefit to people in the workplace? I can help. Contact me today.

How I work with my clients


When I met Jane, an associate lawyer, she appeared outgoing, friendly and successful. She joked about the thousands of self help books she had read, the countless goals she had set and failed to achieve. She mentioned the frustration of ending up in the same unhappy place despite everything she tried to do differently.

Jane and I started by addressing her current experiences and thereafter unravelling some of her hidden fears; it transpired she often heard a negative internal voice stopping her from speaking in meetings or moving towards what she really wanted. Identifying her key motivators and drivers, and her commitment, we clarified her thinking/ her back stories and behavioral habits and we then put positive (and specific) goals in place. We worked on developing her outlook so she was able to see the great opportunities that surrounded her and the confidence to go for it. Most importantly she was able to independently move on to find fulfilment in her career.


Andy was delighted with his promotion to a Board position and was perceived by his team as very successful and authoritarian. However the promotion led to his inner critic creeping in as he would now be working more closely with others more experienced than himself, Notwithstanding his talent for the job, he began to question himself and how to ensure he would manage confidence hits and challenges in future.  


We unearthed inner tensions that Andy thought didn't exist and worked on his mindset and sustainability towards work and home changes, curbing his tendency to self criticise rather than self approve. He built up his confidence and pursued his role with passion and vigour - and a clearer mindset. 

Ready to start your rewarding journey with me?

Contact me now to discover how coaching can springboard you to where you want to be.

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